Ecological Reserve - Itamambuca Eco Resort


Ecological Reserve

Itamambuca Eco Resort is located in a private reserve of 100.000m² overgrown by the Atlantic Forest, at River junction with the sea from scenic Itamambuca Beach.
Holds rich flora and fauna, our ecological reserve borders the State Park of Serra do Mar, one of the most important Atlantic Forest areas of Brazil. Natural sanctuary which houses the largest plant biodiversity of the planet and thousands of animals species.

Within the Itamambuca Eco Resort have been cataloged more than 250 species of native birds such as tanagers-of-seven colors, woodpeckers, toucans and many families of hummingbirds. Such harmony of our resort with nature provide a sight of wild animals with rare beauty like capybaras, armadillos, squirrels and lizards.

At the Itamambuca river banks you can see the immense wealth of mangroves, home to about fifteen species of crabs, among them the beautiful guaiamuns, with its enormous blue shell. There are also great marine diversity, such as fish, turtles, crustaceans and dolphins.
To attract visitors from all this tropical beauty, the Itamambuca Eco Resort promotes eco-tours monitored by biologists. We invite you to meet, fall in love and preserve this sanctuary that is also yours.


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