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For children, Itamambuca Eco Resort is always pure fun. Several activities for all tastes and personalities. There are theatrical performances, footpaths, thematic dinners, games, competitions, surfing and more.
Everything accompanied by specialized monitors, providing maximum tranquility to parents.


The Entertainment Team of the Itamambuca Eco Resort promotes many activities on weekends, holidays and during the vacation season.
For each age, its own pace. Allow our trained monitors to take care of children and teenagers. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to provide special treatment at our resort, delighting the youth, allowing them to enjoy an exclusive world of freedom full of thrills and discoveries.
In our KIDS CLUB space your children under six will be able to have fun with games and monitored activities. In our toy room we open a world of possibilities and discoveries allowing them to live this magic. This space is fully dedicated to children, with plenty of play and sports activities to awaken their senses and interaction with nature.

While the children participate in group activities, their parents can enjoy restful days, either just relaxing at the beach or the Armazen SPA, or taking advantage of our leisure structure applied to the exuberant natural surroundings. In addition, our leisure team also has a host of activities for adults, too!


Several theatrical performances that stir the imagination and make the joy of children. Topics range from classics such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, to the current stand-up comedy. There is also Shadow Theater, puppet shows and the funny theater El Chavo.


Sea, sun, sand and fun. In the sands of Itamambuca, children spend moments of pure joy. Our lively team of tutors plays and organizes children's games, sand castle championship, hiking, scavenger hunts, games with the theme of environmental conservation, bat, baseball, surfing lessons and more.


In the pools of Itamambuca Eco Resort there is no lack of animation. For full enjoyment of children, our leaders organize various educational and cooperative games, competitive swimming, gymnastics, surf lessons and much more.


Parents can lunch with tranquility while the children lunch with the monitors.


Located next to the playroom there is the Mom's Kitchen. A special space, equipped with stove, microwave oven, blender and small utensils. In the Mom's Kitchen the families prepare milk and food for the little ones, while having freedom and privacy in the usual care with kids' meals.
It is open 24 hours, and ensures the welfare of babies, even at dawn. Everything for you to take care of your kids with all the comfort.


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