Where to Watch - Itamambuca Eco Resort


Where to Watch

The 100 thousand square meters of unspoiled nature surrounding the Itamambuca Eco Resort protect diverse ecosystems of the Atlantic Forest.
In a simple walk on the trails of the hotel, walking along the beach or by boat, we can see an extraordinary variety of birds. To facilitate bird watching and photography, we have the following options:

Closed Forest

With tall trees and lush vegetation, this rich environment is always protected by shadows. It is the favorite place for many birds that do not like to expose; another challenge for photographers. In the jungle, good eyes are not enough. Hearing shows the greatest treasures. To enjoy this environment with comfort and safety, we implemented the Trail of Guaiamuns. A trail that avoids environmental impacts and brings a unique immersion in nature.

Itamambuca River

Calm waters embraced by preserved forest in the background, the escarpments of Serra do Mar. In the air, an irresistible atmosphere of mystery and adventure. Embark with us in this true aquatic trail with RiverCat, our small catamaran, quiet, safe and stable. It was designed by nature photographers to enjoy the birds that like water and light. Kingfishers, cormorants, herons, many species of herons, and birds that alternate on the river banks as pia-cobra, joão-teneném, joão-botina, toucans and many others.

Open Areas and Rainforest Borders

The Eco Resort has paths in the forest edges and open places, which are very attractive to some species of birds such as thrushes, tanagers, bem-te-vis, kingbird, among others, who prefer the light and do not usually attend the interior of dark woods. Close your eyes and hear them sing.


With all the necessary precautions recommended by biologists, we have several feeders in the Eco Resort, frequented by colorful birds.Strategically placed, pleasing to the birds, children and adults. But the photographers are much more impressed: tiê-sangue with its bright red, tanagers, woodpeckers, all at the click of a mouse. You can spy them live, delighting with the fruits, in Live Bird Cam. Call the children to see them very closely.


To the delight of us all and the birds, the wonderful beach Itamambuca maintains its area of salt marshes, coastal mangroves well preserved. Its two-kilometer extension is usually frequented by seabirds and migratory birds. Some travel over 10,000 km to parade in the sands of Itamambuca.


There are so many attractions around that we often get so distracted or enjoying nature, and we don’t remember to look up. After all, the birds fly – and how they fly! The magnificent eagle-gets-monkey, for example, the main winged predator of the Atlantic Forest, usually flies low and quietly over the Eco Resort. Indescribable emotion!


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